The Triple Threat Podcast EP 5: Trump vs. CNN, John Cena as "The Franchise", ECW Halloween Hell 97


Episode #5 Of The Triple Threat Podcast featuring "The Franchise" Shane Douglas and Chad and John Poz of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling is NOW available and streaming on the IRW Network.  This week Shane is fired up discussing the craziness between President Trump and CNN,  how he feels CNN has handled the situation and why he feels they are being too sensitive. As it pertains to wrestling this week, Shane gives his very candid response to John Cena using "The Franchise" moniker on WWE television and whether or not they have had issues before concerning Cena's  use of that nickname. 


Topics covered this week include: 

  • Everyone's 4th of July weekend recap.
  • Shane's experiences traveling to New Zealand / Australia. 
  • Difference in working for WCW and WWA in Australia.
  • Shane's appreciation for the simplicity  of the culture in Australia. 
  • Examples of "The Mandela Effect".
  • Fans with detailed memories of angles and matches. 
  • Donald Trump vs. CNN.
  • The reaction felt across social media.
  • Is this a story? 
  • Is CNN way too sensitive.
  • CNN's response .
  • Are President Trump's comments about people over the top?
  • Is Trump winning the battle against the mainstream media?
  • John Cena's usage of "The Franchise" nickname. 
  • The fan reaction calling out Cena on Twitter.  
  • "Stump The Franchise" Who was the first "Franchise" in pro wrestling? :
  • "Ask Franchise Anything" recalling ECW Halloween Hell 1997. 
  •  Was Shane aware of Paul Heyman's status with the WWF while in ECW?
  •  How did he find out?
  •  Paul Heyman giving Ron Simmons a fake name on his plane ticket. 

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